5 FAQs on door corner construction

Extruded aluminum is the material of choice for commercial doors and entrances. Its popularity is due in part to its excellent track record: There are millions of aluminum entry doors installed across the country, and some have been in service since the 1960s. A door is one of the [ Read More... ]

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Product News: UniVent 1375AW Series High Performing Vent

Alumicor announces its new UniVent 1375AW Series high-performance insert vent, including project-out awnings and casements, and project-in hoppers and casements. These operable vents are engineered to complement and seamlessly integrate within mid- to high-rise commercial buildings’ windows, storefront and curtainwall systems. Alumicor’s UniVent 1375AW Series are tested to meet [ Read More... ]

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Anodized Finish Standard Color Changes

Alumicor strives to provide you with the best product and service offering in the industry. Toward that goal, we are making slight changes to some of our anodized finish colour offerings including the bronze finish for our stocked material. The change will be effective 17/10/22. Here are some key [ Read More... ]

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