Our Value Statement

Our Mission

It is our mission for our business partners to experience us as the easiest and most dependable company with which to do business and to be the employer of choice beginning with safety.

Our Values

  • Integrity. We conduct all business with the highest ethical practices
  • Customer-Focused. We are customer-focused and seek to create value for our customers
  • Employee Involvement and Ownership. We encourage employee ownership and involvement by teaching, training and instructing job and technical skills as deep in the company as possible
  • One Team. We are all part of one team with an overall company focus, and we do what is best for the greater good of the organization
  • Accountability. We give responsibility, authority, tools and resources to our employees, and then demand performance
  • Respect for the Individual. We respect each individual by giving fair and consistent treatment to all persons regardless of background, experience, education, race, religion, gender, national origin, capability, sexual orientation and age
  • Safe Work Environment. We strive to create a safe work environment by encouraging employees to be proactive versus reactive on all safety issues