Alumicor expands paint, anodize and specialty finishing options for architectural aluminum building envelope products

Supporting projects’ design flexibility, color variety and consistency, and high-performance durability, Alumicor has expanded its breadth of architectural aluminum finishing choices for its curtainwall, storefront, window and entrance products. Customers now can select from fluoropolymer coatings and anodize finishes in standard and custom colors, plus specialty options such as textured terra cotta and wood grain finishes.

Finishing for Alumicor architectural aluminum building envelope products is provided by Linetec, the largest independent architectural metals finishing company in North America. These high-quality, high-performance, durable finishes protect the aluminum, minimizing maintenance and repair, while maximizing longevity.

The six standard Alumicor anodize colors are clear, champagne, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black. Clear anodize is offered in both Class I and Class 2. Anodizing successfully combines science with nature to provide industry-leading wear and abrasion resistance. “By providing quality aluminum extrusion and a fully automated anodizing line, both Alumicor and Linetec take every precaution to ensure our anodized aluminum has the tightest color range in the industry,” said Tammy Schroeder, director of marketing for Alumicor and Linetec brands.

There are 19 standard Alumicor paint colors ranging from beige to black, bone white to charcoal gray, dark ivy to boysenberry, and many other colorful hues. In addition to these standard coatings, Alumicor offers more than 60,000 additional paint colors through Linetec’s library. With Linetec’s in-house computerized blending capabilities, there is a nearly unlimited choice of colors in all architectural finish types: 70% fluoropolymer, 50% fluoropolymer and baked enamel paints. Mica and metallic coatings also add sparkle and shimmer to projects’ painted surfaces.

Schroeder added, “Alumicor customers also benefit from Linetec’s reliable lead times on standard and custom color orders. Color consistency is exceptional from batch to batch and project to project.”

Selected specialty finishes also are available, such as:

  • Copper anodize – presenting the look of rich, real copper without the patina.
  • Textured terra cotta coatings – offering a tactile experience to complement the visual appeal of 17 standard earthy tones and custom color options.
  • Wood grain finishes – providing all the benefits of metal with the beauty of natural wood, choose from 16 standard textured options or more than 50 other wood grain species and colors.

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