Anodized advantage: Understanding the benefits and options

For the highest performance finish on aluminum framing systems, choose Class I anodize. Curtainwall, storefront, windows and entrance doors’ exterior framing members endure continual exposure to weather and wear. On the interior, framing within reach is subject to scraps and scratches from people’s hands, feet, [ Read More... ]

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Which painted finish performs best?

When your project requires lasting performance in a choice of colors, specify 70% PVDF architectural coatings for aluminum framing systems. Specifying performance should be the easiest part of selecting an architectural paint finish for your project’s Alumicor aluminum building envelope products. With a nearly unlimited palette of possibilities, it’s [ Read More... ]

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5 FAQs on door corner construction

Extruded aluminum is the material of choice for commercial doors and entrances. Its popularity is due in part to its excellent track record: There are millions of aluminum entry doors installed across the country, and some have been in service since the 1960s. A door is one of the [ Read More... ]

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Controlling storefront and curtainwall water infiltration

Most architectural aluminum glazing systems are not designed to be totally waterproof. Rather, most systems are designed to control water infiltration under extreme conditions and weep that water back to the exterior. Storefront and curtainwall systems differ in many ways: appearance, profiles, wind load resistance, glazing, thermal performance and [ Read More... ]

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