NEW ThermaWall SM 2600 6 5/8″ (168.3mm) mullion depth

NEW mullion depth of 6 5/8″ available for the pre-glazed ThermaWall SM2600 split mullion curtainwall.

Alumicor expands the ThermaWall 2600 high-performance, prefabricated/preglazed split mullion curtainwall series by adding a 6-5/8” (168.3mm) deep mullion. This allows for greater design opportunities with larger modules and spans and it is available in both double and triple glazed.

The catalogue pages and parts lists have been updated to reflect the expanding offering, along with new CAD web details (a few samples below). Save some time on the job site by clicking here to check it out.

Capped, double glazed           4  sided SSG, double glazed

1-capped-double-glazed-mullion             2-4sided-ssg-double-glazed-mullion

Capped, triple glazed            4 sided SSG, triple glazed

3-capped-triple-glazed-mullion             4-4sided-ssg-triple-glazed-mullion

Call your Alumicor sales representative today for more details.