Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex


Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex, (University of Toronto) is a new 4 storey building, elevated by the slight slope of the landscape stands out with its simplicity of form and a delicately executed tectonic skin.

Winner of the Governor General’s Gold Medal for Architecture 2012!

Per the Governor General’s Gold Medal for Architecture 2012 citation: “A large institutional building is articulated and humanised by skilful massing and the inventive treatment of the facade,” reads the citation, noting “the quality of detailing is exceptional and the sophisticated use of materials lifts the building into a class of its own.”


Location: Mississauga, ON
Dealer: Westmetro Glass Service Ltd.
Architect: Kongats Architects – Alar Kongats
Contractor: Harbridge & Cross Limited
Project Type: Education
Products Used: Phantom Door