Loblaws Head Office


Loblaw Companies Limited, the largest food retailer in Canada, is headquartered in a new, 37,000 m2 office tower located in Brampton, Ontario. Our client’s objective was to provide a high quality work environment one that would embody and reflect the company’s own philosophy of sourcing with integrity, making positive differences in the community and in the way they operate culturally, socially and environmentally at work and at home.The sustainable design approach is founded on a series of strategic decisions relating to site selection, building placement, orientation and massing – which support the goals of flexibility, energy efficiency, human comfort and superior indoor environmental quality.


Location: Brampton, ON
Dealer: Westmount Storefronts
Architect: Sweeney Sterling Finlayson
Contractor: Orlando
Project Type: Commercial
Products Used: Phantom Vent 5000